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YOU CAN GROW your business profits in more ways than working to increase your sales — although that is vital. You can also earn more by cutting costs, improving quality, and fine tuning your prices to attract more customers.

For more detailed ideas check out these books — carefully selected for their advice — on how to boost profits. They will be worth the relatively small investment you will make in growing your company.


How small business owners succeed

Based on interviews with hundreds of small business owners over many years, this book identifies 10 key steps that all successful business owners take.

Whether you are thinking of starting your own business or are running one today, this book will provide you with valuable information that could mean the difference between success and failure.

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"In a world increasingly vulnerable to nuclear self-destruction, it may be that the only thing that can save us is the ability to reach out and communicate with our neighbors everywhere to arrive at the understanding that, despite our differences, we have a common interest in survival.

"A crucial role in this effort at communication for survival can be played by public relations professionals working with the media to get across the most important message ever promoted — peace on our planet — on behalf of its most important client — the human race.

Art Stevens, The Persuasion Explosion

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