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The main reason so many startups fail

IF YOU ARE starting your own small business watch out you don't fall into the  "small-business syndrome" trap.

You plan everything, right down to the minor details. You open the door, or list your services on the Internet, and wait for the customers to walk in or sign up.

Don't be surprised when they don't.

Obtaining customers is the key to almost every small business. And it's the one factor that so many small business owners forget.

They concentrate on producing a product or service that is so good that it will sell itself.

It won't.

That's the small business owner's job. check our tips alongside on how you can improve your customer base.


Tips on cultivating customers:


  • What you sell is less important than who will buy it. The only aspect that counts is what the customer thinks.
  • Keep reminding yourself that only the customer is important. Everything should be built around the customer. It is not what you think is appealing or appropriate; it is what the customer thinks.
  • Devote most of your time to cultivating customers. It sounds illogical, but doing so will leave enough time to do the actual work.



How small business owners succeed

Based on interviews with hundreds of small business owners over many years, this book identifies 10 key steps that all successful business owners take.

Whether you are thinking of starting your own business or are running one today, this book will provide you with valuable information that could mean the difference between success and failure.

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