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AI will create more jobs than it replaces, business leaders say

Artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it replaces, most business leaders predict.

They believe, however, that—if they are to remain competitive—they will have to retrain their employees to take on new skills over the next few years to handle the huge changes they see coming. The innovations demanded by AI will amount to no less than a transformation of their workforces, they believe.

Indeed, most say they are already starting to work toward this goal.

These opinions were expressed in a poll of a thousand business leaders in the United States and Britain who were surveyed by Multiverse, which offers apprenticeships to young adults.

Anticipate huge opportunities

“Artificial intelligence is transforming businesses around the world and it is clear from our research that business leaders anticipate huge opportunities while also recognizing the risks,” says Gary Eimerman, Chief Learning Office at Multiverse.

“Both their bottom lines and the longevity of their staff’s careers will be negatively impacted if businesses do not prioritize closing the AI skills gaps in a timely manner. If leaders lean into the massive upside that investing in talent now provides, they will reap the outsized benefits of an AI-empowered workforce for years to come.”

Training for new roles

The survey revealed that three-fourths of business leaders say they ae likely:

• To train their employees in new roles;

• To invest in equipping their existing employees to take on new skills;

• To invest in data analytics skills programs;

• To increase their training and development budgets to prepare for 2030; and

• Endorse the idea of combining learning with on-the-job experience.

“The skills gaps business leaders expect to face in 2030 highlight the importance of training that keeps pace with technology," said Ujjwal Singh, CPTO of Multiverse. "Our apprentices are incredibly nimble and offerings through Multiverse, such as the AI Jumpstart module, will only make them more valuable as they continue their careers.”

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