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How you might be losing many online sales

You might be losing many online sales because you are making the checkout experience too time-consuming or too difficult for your customers.

In today's world speed counts the most

Your customers are less patient these days. They care more about time than ever before. So much so that speed of response and delivery have become more important than price. Best-selling author Jay Baer explains.

Are you failing  your workers?

Most businesses are failing to meet their worker's needs.
That's the conclusion in a new report from 2023 Kelly Global Re:work Report. Are you among them?

How to build a team that works

Lesley Salmon, chief information officer at Kellogg Company, wants people to enjoy their work. In doing so, she believes, they will achieve better results for the company. In this article she reveals the keys to keeping her team engaged.

Draw on these tips when hiring workers

Looking to hire new staff? Here are strategies you can use to find the best people. They come from a report by The Conference Board.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T will make a difference in your company

Treat everyone with respect, within your company and outside its doors. That’s the advice of CTI's John Laughlin.

Empower employees and watch your profits grow

STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that workers who have more say in the running of a company work more productively. And, as they do, they improve the bottom line, making the company more profitable overall.

Teach your sales staff to avoid these unwitting customer turnoffs

A SALE CAN quickly turn sour through attitudes shown by you or your retail staff, sometimes without them realizing it. Here are approaches that sales people often adopt, causing customers to become turned off and possibly losing them forever.
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